Houses dedicated

On the wall when you enter Paradise Bound are the words, “Prayer does not fit us for the greater work, prayer is the greater work.” That proved true today on our final day of work as we dedicated the houses we constructed to God. The entire team went to each of the 5 homes and surrounded them while the team that constructed the house met inside with the family that would be receiving it. Dan and a pastor spoke with each family about dedicating or rededicating their lives to Christ, and I’m so excited to report that all 5 families accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.
I would venture to say that is the longest I have stayed in prayer ever (the entire afternoon into the evening). It was simply amazing and such a privilege to be praying together with such a committed body of believers. Praise be to God!


Prayers requested!

Tomorrow will be a key day in our mission trip.
It is the day that we dedicate the new homes that we have constructed to the Lord, and present them to the families who will be living in them.
As the family has devotions and prayer in their new home with evangelist Hermano Jesus, the team which built the house surrounds it (literally and figuratively) with prayer, in the hopes that the new occupants will commit their lives and their home to serving Christ.
Please be in prayer for team members and for the Guatemalan families who will be receiving their homes tomorrow.

God sightings in Guatemala

As a team we have been challenged to look for “God sightings” as we meet people and go about our work, and that’s what we have seen.
Yesterday in the mountain community where we conducted the medical clinic and showed the Jesus film, etc., we saw a small but vibrant church community, with a beautiful church (complete with a guitar, etc. for praise songs!) We loved the wonderful warm people who lived at the top of a mountain that brought to mind the great commission to go “to the ends of the earth.”
This morning as we began building houses, Rachel Schuiteman had a mission: she had a picture of a little boy named Eddie who her dad and sister had met on a previous mission trip. She wanted to find Eddie, and guess who the first little boy was that she saw when she climbed out of the van ?!?! Yes it was Eddie.
We had a beautiful day (OK, maybe a little warm, but can’t complain about that to people living in IOwa) and we turned 5 bare cement pads into houses today (admitedly small houses, but solid structures that are eagerly anticipated by families). We assembled walls, put in sheet rock, put cement board on the outside, seamed and taped.
At noon some of the local women made us beans, rice and tacos, and tonight for supper we had delicious lasagne, homemade rolls, and carrots and celery. Gabe Doornink says he’s died and gone to heaven with all this great homemade food. Ask him how many sandwiches he can eat in one sitting!
Not sure exactly which tasks will be completed tomorrow, but I have no doubt that there will again be God sightings!

God is at work (and you know who else is too!)

We were priviledged to see God at work yesterday at the medical clinic day, followed by the showing of the Jesus film, testimonies by team members (Josh Van Roekel, Roger Kempers, Jane Ver Steeg, and Pastor Doug from the Michigan team), a rousing message by Hermano Jesus (wish we knew Spanish!) and many people coming forward at the end to give their lives to Jesus. Each was given a Spanish New Testament to take home with them.

Our team had fun interacting throughout the day by giving out candy, playing frisbee and with balls, using a parachute and beach ball, making salvation bracelets with the children, etc.

Jim and Marianne were confined to quarters for the day as they recovered from a bout with the flu, and a few of the staff and Dan and Heidi’s children also had a 24-hour bug, but this morning it looks like prayers have been answered and everyone will be able to go on our second day of medical clinic/Jesus film, etc.

As we drove home last night, at around 11 p.m., one of the vans began filling up with smoke … no problem, just turn the engine off and van #2 pulled van #3 home over hill and dale, potholes and speedbumps.

This morning the men are trying to fix the problem: I’m told it has something to do with a part which is in compliance with California emissions standards. We have many competent mechanics and drivers on the team (Cal did a great job driving the disabled van!!) so God has blessed this team with the people who are needed.

Continue to be in prayer for us, we can sense your prayers buoying us up and bearing fruit as we minister to the Guatemalan people.